Apple iPad Tablet - Definitive Insider Info Guide - Apple iPad to Ship in Q2 2010

Collating the freshest and most relevant rumors and leaked infos surrounding the Apple Tablet, which - Apple insiders say - will be announced next week and will ship in Q2 2010.

UPDATE: The Official Apple Tablet was finally unveiled by Steve Jobs at the Apple Latest Creation Event held in San Francisco, USA early today! And guess what? It's called the iPad ! Yes, the iPad name rumor turned out accurate. Read more about the Apple iPad tablet via THIS LINK.

Artist Rendition of the Apple Tablet

1. Name: iPad

Rumor mill has called it iSlate, Mactablet and Tabbook among others. But it appears that the much-talked-about-but-never-confirmed Apple tablet just might end up being officially named iPad - The Apple iPad.

Leaked by MacRumors, here's the supposed trademark application and IP registration by a dummy Apple company:

via MacRumors

2. The Design: Flattened 1st Generation iPhone

Apple Insider reports that they have sources telling them that iPad looks like the "first-generation iPhone that's met its match with a rolling pin" while having buttons similar to that of iPhone 3GS

Nestled in an aluminum shell that leverages the Apple's expertise in unibody construction but thinner proportionality than the original iPhone, the tablet reportedly sports all of the same buttons found on the handset, right down to its iconic home button -- which, like the volume toggle, is missing from the rendering.

Similarly, the tablet is said to sport all the same in/out connectivity as the current iPhone 3GS, including a 3.5-mm stereo headphone jack, built-in speaker grills, a microphone, GPS, 3G connectivity and a 30-pin dock connector. Like the rendering, its 10-inch display is framed by a black border that bleeds into its wrap-around aluminum enclosure.

3. iPad will sport a front facing webcam published a video showing St├ęphane Richard, head of operations at Orange Telecoms France - one of the world’s largest mobile-network carrying Apple products, saying in an interview that the Apple tablet will have an integrated webcam. Watch the interview (in French):

4. Apple Tablet will feature a new Operating System

If these leaked videos are to be believed, then it looks like iPad OS will have an OS X style dock at the bottom, running multiple iPhone-style applications at once.

5. iPad will support new, more complex multi-touch gestures

In 2007, Apple purchased Fingerworks - a company which designs and produces Zero-Force ergonomic keyboards with integrated mouse and gesture input - and it now appears that the former has finally decided to make use of the latter's technology in creating new products, iPad included.

“The tablet should offer any number of unique multitouch experiences — for example, three fingers down and rotate could mean ‘open an application,’ ” a former Apple engineer who asked not to be named told NY Times.

6. Price = $600 - $1000

Quoting MacSimum News:

Abramsky with RBC Capital Markets, the corporate and investment banking division of the Royal Bank of Canada, has projected a US$600 average selling price for Apple’s forthcoming tablet.

NY Times, on the other hand, reports that some analysts predict that iPad will retail for $700 to $1,000 - proving to be a hindrance for Apple to dominate the category

There you go! TechPinas' Definitive Insider Info Guide on the upcoming Apple Tablet.
*cross fingers* I hope it retails for less than $500. I want one.

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