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How Many Puppets Does Akatsuki Puppermaster Sasori of the Red Sand Actually Have?

Probably the most scary-looking Akatsuki member when he's hiding inside the gut of his human-puppet Hiruko, Sasori-sama of Sunagakure is also considered by most Naruto experts as one of the most powerful members of the villain group. This is despite the fact that, compared to other members of Akatsuki, Sasori weilds a rather simple and seemingly unreliable justu - controlling puppets using chakra strings.

Hiruko - One of Sasori's many puppets. The real Sasori hides inside this defensive shell.

What's amazing about Sasori is how he was able to turn this simple skill into a terrifying force that helped him crush a whole nation by himself and kill the most powerful leader of the village where he came from - The Iron-Sand wielding Third Kazekage, whom Sasori also turned into a puppet.

Sasori's puppet collection is unique in that they were made from the still-living bodies of humans. Because they are made of flesh, these puppets are more versatile and powerful than regular wooden ones. However, the most important quality of Sasori's puppets is that they are also able to use chakra and perform any jutsu or Kekkei Genkai abilities possessed by the puppet-converted human. But Sasori didn't stop there. Having mastery over creating robust poisons, he laced every weapon of all of his puppets with poison could kill a paralyze a target instantly.

In both the Anime and the Manga, Sasori was seen using 103 puppets ( Hiruko, The Third Kazekage , 100 Red Puppets vs. Chiyo's 10 White Puppets and himself ). But really, how many puppets did Sasori have in his collection that he carried all the time?

Here's the exact answer:

298 Human Puppets, which he can release and use all at the same time at any given point

Whew! That's a lot! No wonder Sasori always looked prepared for battle!

Here's a short video showing Sasori, in his real form, in battle (vs. Sakura and Legendary Puppetmaster Chiyo Baasama, Sasori's grandmother):


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