Apple iPad Tablet Finally Unveiled by Steve Jobs !! Specs, Photos, Price, Demo Video ! A Landmark in Apple History !

Well, what do you know: We actually got the name right! Apple iPad Tablet, it is!

Just in from Apple's Latest Creation Event currently being held at San Francisco, USA (as of 2:15 AM, Manila Time) as reported by Engadget (source) :

"We want to kick of 2010 by introducing a magical and revolutionary product today," shared Steve Jobs.

"Way better than a laptop, way better then a phone. You can turn it any way you want. To see the whole page is phenomenal."

After years of rumors and artist renditions (some bad, some good), Apple CEO Steve Jobs finally unveiled to the world Apple's first landmark product this decade: The Apple iPad Tablet

The Much-Anticipated Apple iPad : Finally Shown to Media by Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, himself!!

✸✸✸ Here's the Official Promo Video ✸✸✸

The Apple iPad's Ginormous On-screen Keyboard : Screen size - 9.7" diagonal, IPS display

The iPad (tablet) fills the gap between the Macbook Pro (laptop) and the iPhone (smartphone)

The Apps Menu - just like what we have on the iPhone!

And look! It also has a "Slide to Unlock" dock!

Very Thin. Very Light : .5 inches thin, 1.5 pounds

There's the Apple logo : At the back of iPad's aluminum unibody.

The Apple iPad supports Bluetooth and Wifi Connectivity...

, which lets you surf websites...

and download & play music and videos!

You can play 3D games on it too! This should be a pretty powerful device.
Just how powerful? Quoting Steve Jobs: "It's powered by our own silicon. The 1GHz Apple A4 chip. It screams." (Wow! Does this mark the return of the PowerPC processor ?!)

As expected, Apple iPad also functions as an e-book reader. Kindle killer, anyone?

And because its tablet functions as an e-book reader, Apple decided to also open an online bookstore. Guess the name of the service?

Accessories? You can connect Apple iPad to a keyboard dock -- for when you want it to function more like your traditional laptop.

Price? You can get your Apple iPad with base specs (that's without 3G and with only 16GB of storage space) for only $499 !! That's almost as cheap as some netbooks out in the market today.

Visionary Apple CEO enjoying his iPad. You can get yours soon - Apple will begin shipping the base model (without 3G) in 60 days and the 3G version in 90 days.

Watch Steve Jobs Unveil the Apple iPad Tablet! This is a landmark in Apple History!

The Apple iPad Tablet Official Promo Photo

Please stay tuned for more updates.

FYI: All event coverage photos in this post are courtesy of ENGADGET.

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