HP Mini-Note 210 Netbook with Intel Atom N450 CPU, PineTrail - Specs, Price, Photos !!

First, Asus. Then, Acer. Now, HP.

Amazingly so, the biggest netbook manufacturers are kicking off the new year by unveiling their much-awaited Pine Trail machines one after another.

You've seen Acer Aspire One 532h. Now, check out HP Mini 210:

Sporting a form factor reminiscent of Envy's rehashed design, Mini 210 is perhaps HP's most-handsome netbook to date.

Looks totally svelte. But the true highlight is what's inside the fancy shell, underneath the board of chiclet keys:

HP Mini 210 runs on Intel's latest netbook processor, the Atom N450, the first CPU of the new Pine Trail platform.

Quoting TP:

"[Intel Atom N450] is the first monolithic processor with the graphics built in and the memory controller built in," shared Anil Nanduri, Netbook Marketing Director - Intel

By combining the processor, the graphics card and the memory controller all in one chip, the Pine Trail platform allows netbooks running on N450 to be 20% less power-consuming and 60% smaller than their DiamondVille -powered counterparts.

Nice chip.

Here are the other specs:

1.66GHz N450 Atom processor,
Intel GMA 3150 GPU
160GB/250GB HDD
10-inch Glossy Widescreen
Windows 7 Starter.
Wi-Fi (b/g/n),
3-cell or 6-cell battery

Price? Based on HP's previous netbook releases, I'm guessing HP Mini 210 will debut at around Php 23,000 - Php 25,000 when it comes out in February or March 2010 - but that's just me. Anyway, CES 2010 is just a few sleeps away and I bet we'll have more info on this machine by then.

HP Mini 2140 is available in Sonoma Red, Pacific Blue, Matte Silver with pattern, Matte Black with pattern and Solid Black.

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