Samsung ST500 , ST550 Digicam with Front LCD Screen in Philippines - Price Update, Video Demo, Dual LCD

Finally, a camera company took note of an emergent consumer practice and released a point-and-shoot digicam that helps Self-portrait Kings and Queens take better shots!

With one LCD on the front of the camera aside from a second one at the back, Samsung ST500 and ST550 give consumers the ability to truly step out from behind the camera and put themselves in the picture.

Fond of taking photos of babies but having a hard time making them smile for the camera? ST500 and ST550's front screen can display funny, child-friendly images to help you capture that perfect smile from your baby.

ST500 vs. ST550 ? What's the difference?

ST500 and ST550 have similar specs - their only major difference is that ST550 has a bigger touchscreen LCD at the back: 3.5" for ST550, 3" for ST500.

Here are the specs that they share:

12.2 mega-pixels
4.6x Zoom Lens
Schneider-KREUZNACH Lens
720p HD / H.264 Format - Movie Mode
Dual LCD (Front & Back)
Smart Gesture UI
Advanced Real Dual Image
Stabilization : Optical IS + Digital IS
Smart Touch Auto Focus
Smart Auto (16 Scenes)
Smart Album
Smart Face Recognition (up
to 20 faces)
Perfect Portrait System:
Beauty Shot / Face Detection / Self Portrait / Smile Shot / Blink Detection
Photo Style Selector

Now available in the Philippines!

Both digicams are currently out in the Philippines. ST500 runs for around Php 11,100 - while you can get ST550 for more or less Php 13,500

Official Promo Video

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  1. This camera has very large and nice Lcd which is really useful; for us you can see very nice picture on this LCD I am very excited about this one

  2. hello, where can i get the st500 for 11,000 please? thanks!

  3. I was wondering how much this camera costs as of this year? I was looking up everywhere in the net, couldn't find one so far...please respond if you do know, I'd really appreciate the help. thanks!