Runs Google Adwords Advertising Campaign ! Aims to Cement Top Position Amidst Competition ?!

I don't know if Sulit's admin has done this before, but it appears that the Philippines' biggest and perhaps most successful classifieds site,, has decided to kick off 2010 by running its own Adwords campaign:


Considering Sulit's consistently high traffic stats and pagerank, the site can afford not to run any advertising campaign at the moment:

via Chrome SEO Extension --

Apparently, it is not in Sulit's genes to just rest on its laurels. Vigilance, afterall, is key to success - especially online. And especially when, Sulit's seeming competition, (at it appears) is likewise determined to be number 1.

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  1. must already be smoking sulit big time.

  2. Ayosdito will overtake Sulit in no time if Sulit will not fix its noisy and cluttered UI!


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