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Naruto 479 has just been out a few hours and fans have already conjured 480 predictions up. Here are 5 (more, soon):


by: State of Naruto

Naruto 480: Day Dream

Madara: looks like Sasuke lost count of the number of sharingan's Danzo had open (the last sharingan on his arm closes, the eye in his hand is still open)

Sasuke falling to one knee, sh*it (coughing up blood) from the fatal wound to his kidney
Danzo (serious look on his face) : not only did you forget my hand base sharingan, you seem to have forgotten that wind beat lightning, did you think that kusanagi sword jutsu would be enough ? idiot you insult me, DIE !!!!!! Danzo uses the wind sword to attack straight for sasuke's for head

In the act of trying to kill sasuke Danzo has a (Flash back) to the day of the death of the Third hokage
Danzo&The third hokage: meet on a road known to only the village leaders, unexpectedly there eye's meet and they pass without a word along with the intense moment but than the third hokage says something to Danzo he never forgot

Third hokage: i know about your fear of death Danzo, just remember one day your life will flash before your eye's, make sure its worth watching
(End of back)

Danzo: sorry but not today, I will be seeing no sideshow of my life on this day
the sword hits Sasuke head on cutting him in half
Karin (disbelief look on her face) Sasuke !!!!!
Madara: hehe

Sasuke (appears behind Danzo) Sasuke: day dreaming in your world of izanagi i see, you couldn't tell i used a simple replace technique
Danzo: it doesn't mean anything in the shape you are in
Sasuke: starts falling in and out of cosciousness

Madara; looks like the storys about Danzo's fear of death are real after all, but fear of death or not, Sasuke will be dead in a minute or two from the great mass of blood lost if that girl doesn't heal him

Danzo rushes towards Sasuke Danzo: Damn it I only have 30 seconds than my izanagi jutsu concludes
Madara uses space time beating Danzo to Sasuke a whirlpool absorbs Sasuke into Madara's mask than Teleport besides Karin

Danzo: i dont think so making a 10 sign hand sign from Danzo's mouth comes a great tornado, hmm my izanagi is over the last eye closes
Madara: its to big for me to absorb, Danzo uses the chance to case a genjutsu on Karin, Madara, Karin and Sasuke teleports away out of the path of the tornado

Team Sakura only 3 miles away from the battlefield
Lee: woo look at the size of that tornado
Kaba: right not only the tornado but Sasuke smell is dead ahead
Sakura: its a fight !!! Sakura (thinking) what is he doing now
Lee: well what whatever we better hurry
Madara: Karin hurry up and heal Sasuke, than Madara realizes Karin is under the influence of a genjutsu he tryst to release it but to no use Karin's body nervous system has shut down
The tornado disappears leaving a path of destruction, Danzo has disappeared with the dust

Madara: damn that Danzo that tornado ninjutsu was just one big distraction from him to make his great escape i will deal with him later first Sasuke
Madara: gives Sasuke first aid to buy sometime this will not last long he need serious medical attention and fast

Danzo: looks like the plan worked Madara is not teleporting after me, for now i need to find kabuto so i can refill my arm with sharingan and be able to use izanagi again
team Sakura finally makes it to the scene
to find a unconscious Sasuke and Karin
Sakura: what happen here !!!
Kaba: Sasuke pretty beat up must have been a intense fight

Madara: (thinking Sakura Haruno, just my luck) Madara you guys here to save Sasuke and take him back to the leaf right ?
Sakura; what the hell happen to Sasuke,

Lee: (thinking) i hope Sakura seeing Sasuke like this doesn't make her forget why we are here
Madara: Sasuke was in a battle with Danzo to revage his clan, but that's a long story, Sasuke been fatally wounded and needs medical badly or he will die looking straight into the eye's of Sakura

Kaba: what the hell are you trying to pull the leaf village made a decision to kill Sasuke and now hes about to die thats the best news ever !!!!!!
Madara: thats the leaf's decision a ? i would like to here Sakura's decision.
Sakura is completely speechless

Lee: whats wrong Sakura you were so sure a few minutes ago
Madara: me and Sasuke dont have time for this you need help making your decision here it is, think what will Naruto think of you if you just watched Saske beet his death without moving a muscle to try and help him
Sakura's heart drops
Madara: its your decision to let Sasuke live or to let him die


Naruto 481: To Let Live or To Let Die


Status: Prediction
by: Zharoth

480 Prediction: Empty Shell

(Fighting scene)
Madara and Karin appears shocked, as Sasuke and Danzou are standing in the same position the last chapter left them. Sasuke collapses to the ground, as Danzou, barely wounded, looks at his last eye closing from that strike, panting.

Karin: SASUKE! (Running towards him.)

Danzou smirks and kicks her off again, as he turns to Madara with a smile on his face.

Danzou: It appears that the your legacy, and the Uchiha clan's fell down today, Madara. You have nobody else to play puppet for you. How are you going to get to your goals, on your own? The technique I've used today is no secret to you, is it?

Madara: So you've known all along.

Danzou: Look where that has gotten you. Sasuke wasn't ready to fight me, and you knew it. Pushing that brat too hard only led him to his death. He doesn't possess the talent his brother had. Itachi was your best hope.

Danzou: The rumors among the Uchihas tablets were true. You survived using Izanagi. You lost your eye, and half of your powers. You're nothing but an empty shell; the price to pay for using Izanagi, only, I've found a way around thanks to Orochimaru.

Madara: So Orochimaru experimented on you... That all makes sense now. What else do you have going for you... Itachi was pure, he couldn't be corrupted. Sasuke on the other hand is easily manipulable. I can make him do whatever I want whether he's aware or not. I don't need to fight myself, if I send puppets to do the job.

Danzou: Your only puppet just died. Itachi had no choice to eliminate the Uchiha clan, and he also did it because it was part of your deal with him to not touch Konoha, or Sasuke. If Itachi were alive, he certainly would have..

Madara: Killed me? Don't make me laugh.

Danzou: You were the one pulling the strings all along. We had an agreement. You were to get rid of all Uchihas to have your revenge, also taking Sarutobi and the elders with you for me to take the Hokage spot. Little did I know you were fooling me all along.

Madara: ...

Danzou: You attacked Konoha by controlling the Kyuubi, to blame it on the Uchihas. I controlled the elders to give the order to eliminate the Uchiha clan, as we agreed when we defeated Shisui.

Danzou: When the time came, you didn't act as you said you would. Itachi did his part, and killed the entire Uchiha clan, but his brother, and you knew he wouldn't do it, as Itachi made you promise not to touch him or Konoha after the events when he would leave the village.

Danzou: You knew Sasuke would hate his brother, and drove him the other way, so he would eliminate the elders, and me to clean up this story. And at the same time to make sure your revenge on Konoha is accomplished.

Madara: Not bad, but why would you even want to be Hokage so badly?

Danzou: I suppose I can tell you before I dispose of you, as well.

Madara: So sure of yourself. Let's hear it.

Danzou: Simple, I want to create a nation, unified, that would conquer all others, and create one mighty unstoppable force of shinobis, a nation of shinobis, protecting everyone in a military manner.

Madara: War to create peace? That's a twisted idea.

Danzou: (A little surprised by the last words) ... But now I'm afraid it's time for you to die, Uchiha Madara.

(Danzou smiles and was going to remove the bandage off his eye, as Madara vanishes into crows).
(The entire world collapses and turns dark)

Danzou: Genjutsu?

Sasuke: This was very informative. (Sasuke swings his katana straight into Danzou's chest, mortally wounding him.)

Danzou: !!! (Coughing blood)

Madara: Genjutsu... That was ingenious. He will never stop surprising me.

Sasuke panting, reverts his eyes to normal, his body aching in pain from the excess use of MS jutsus. His Susanoo vanishes into thin air, and he kneels next to Danzou's corpse, exhausted.

Sasuke: That will teach you to try and fool the Uchihas.

Danzou suddenly sits up straight and slashes Sasuke's eyes with an horizontal slice with the kunai he was holding screaming: INSOLENT UCHIHA!

Sasuke screams in pain as Madara quickly moves over, surprised, and swirls Sasuke and Karin in, leaving faster than he ever has.

Danzou: Damn. I should have known he would leave. Damn these two Uchihas. At least both of them are handicapped, they shouldn't pose a threat. I must find Orochimaru, and fast.

(Danzou unties his head bandage to reveal Shisui's sharingan closed.)

(Madara dimension)

Karin: It's no good... I can only treat the wounds, but his eyes... I can't save them.

(Sasuke screams in agony, as Madara appears.)

Next episode: A new sight, a new goal.


by: The Icon

Naruto 480: The Death OF Danzou

(Sasuke and Danzou is Both Pierced is this the real danzou or just another specter)
Sasuke: haaa (forcing his blade in danzou's chest with chidori) its over danzou
Karin: damn it sasuke is finally able to get to him wait a minute
Danzou: (grabbing sasuke's shoulders whats over boy) you was able to get to my real body but this is where you die

Sasuke: (jumping backwards away from danzou) what the hell was that i got him down to one sharingan then i am sure i got him with that chidori so how is he still standing)

Madara: i see so thats why!!!
sasuke: (looking at danzou pulling off his bandage off his face)
danzou: (with only the button half of his face viewable) so he was able to stop izanagi who cares about that i will release my full power now that the sharingan in my eye has recovered from submit)

Karin/Sasuke/Madara: looking at danzou's true face
Karin: what in the world is this guy (zooms up to danzou's face where the bandages was. it is black and has danzou's main sharingan there is allot of stitches around the sharingan)

danzou: after this madara will have to be dealt with some other time i don't have the chakra to fight them both but even if i was to die kabuto already know what to do with my body(danzou summons a medium like snake) abashi if i don't make it out of here i want you to take my body to kabuto he will have good use for it at least that was part of the deal he and i made) damn you orochimaru why did you have to die.

Sasuke; what is that face so he even has a sharingan in his eye like kakashi eh enough waiting its time i end this once and for all (sasuke hold his hand in the air)

this is the first time i ever use Kirin with my own chakra last time i used it on itachi that was not all my chakra making kirin it was also itachi he helped me with it i just didn't notice but now.
Karin: don't tell me sasuke is about to use that technique he couldn't control it last time if it wasn't for itachi. but he has no other choice who nows what danzou can do with that sharingan its better to go all out and end it now.(but still if sasuke want any hope of kirin he needs more chakra)

Sasuke: karin what are you doing you should get out of here now
Karin: sasuke take my chakra you will need all of it
Sasuke: but

Karin: just do it sasuke please this is the only way you have to
Sasuke: alright (sasuke bites karin absorbing her chakra and then she passed out after her chakra was gone)

Madara: so she cares for sasuke allot what a noble ally (but can sasuke even control kirin physically)
Danzou: hmm

sasuke; hooch (the sky turn all black and the rain starts to pure down)
sakura/sasuke/sai/lee; (all looking at the sky )
Lee: whats that

Sakura: what the hell that is sasuke's chakra and he is fighting someone kiba,lee,sai lets hurry and this time i will find you sasuke
Kakashi/yamato/sai: whats that

kakashi: so sasuke is fighting again but who this time Yamato sai head for the direction of that black cloud and don't let sakura do anything out of the ordinary i have to stay here with naruto go (naruto is still unconscious)
Sasuke: holding kirin ( die. kirin is heading for danzou kirin is larger than last time)

danzou: what a fool he would aim all that power at me without even knowing the abilities of my sharingan oh well too bad i have only one shot at an attack like that. mangekyou sharingan (danzou's mangekyou sharingan looks like a red rose) with my level of chakra i can't afford any failure here it comes
sasuke; whats going on my body is being controlled somehow wait a second that must be the sharingan that he has power's damn it (sasuke no longer have control of kirin because danzou now control sasuke

madara: sasuke you were careless you attacked without even knowing his ability
danzou: now i will use you own pride against you die sasuke uchiha ( danzou is controlling sasuke's body and it turns out sasuke is aiming kirin at himself kirin strikes sasuke down blowing up the whole place leaving a crater in the ground

danzou: its over hmm (realized something was up and slowly turned around)
Sasuke:(sasuke has chidori in both hands) chidori (the first chidori goes right through danzou's chest piercing his heart) haaa chidori (the second hits danzou cutting danzou's head off)

it ends with danzou's body separated from the head

Naruto 481: A Few Unexpected Guests


Status: Prediction
by: The Special One

Naruto 480 - The Victory!

(Madara gazes at the two seemingly impaled shinobi.)

Madara (in thought): Sasuke took the blow but avoided a vital by letting the blade braise him… But, Sasuke wasn’t thorough enough… There was still one awakened sharingan on Danzou’s hand. (Madara remembers back to last chapter. Right before Danzou and Sasuke clashed, the eye on Danzou’s hand was still clearly open, the scene switches to Karin.)

Karin: SASUKE! (The Scene switches to the battle. Sasuke grunts as Danzou falls to the ground. Sasuke clinches the left side of his lower torso as he slouches. Sasuke also withdraws his Mangekyou sharingan.)

Sasuke in thought: He’s still out there somewhere. (The corpse of Danzou vanishes. Soon Danzou resurfaces in back of Sasuke. The scene switches over to Karin.)

Karin: BEHIND YOU SASUKE! He just might be the last one… (The Scene switches over to the battle. As Danzou prepares to stick Sasuke with a straight punch, Danzou goes into thought.)

Danzou (in thought): I already used enough chakra in this battle… To secure victory, I have to settle it with fists… (Sasuke quickly turns around and slips his head quickly. In one quick motion, Sasuke jumps up and kicks Danzou however, Danzou quickly guards himself by crossing his arms in an x and blocking the attack. Danzou then pushes off by breaking his own guard.

Sasuke flies backwards and slides across the ground. Danzou rushes forward. As Danzou gets closer to Sasuke, Sasuke balances on his left hand and using his momentum, he swings his legs low and forward in order to trip Danzou; Danzou however, jumps over them and lands in back of Sasuke. Danzou does a backward flip with intent to land on Sasuke however, Sasuke repositions himself and jumps away before Danzou’s feet on the ground. As Sasuke lands some distances as away from Danzou, he turns to face Danzou, who is meters apart from Sasuke. The Scene switches over to Madara.)

Madara (in thought): They’re setting it through taijutsu… This could get brutal… (The Scene switches back to the battle.)

Danzou (In thought): His body moves well… But, I have experience on my side. (Danzou gets in the taijutsu stance used by Lee and Gai (right hand forward, left hand behind the back). Sasuke is shocked at what he sees. The Scene switches over to Karin.)

Karin: What kind of stance is that? (The Scene switches over Madara’s location.)

Madara (In thought): Gouken Ryuu, a taijutsu style originating from Konoha… It focuses on dealing sever damage to the outer body as well as to the bones of the opponent… It’s not surprising that he’s able in this form. Being a rival to Hiruzen, he must know and be skilled in many of the jutsu Konoha possesses. But even Danzou has his limits… (The scene switches over to the battle.)

Sasuke: That’s Lee’s taijutsu…

Danzou: Yes, you are too from Konoha. I take it you’ve seen this form from the fellow villagers of Konoha. Unlike the versions you’ve seen… I’m much more skilled. (Sasuke sweats a little. Sasuke rushes forward. Danzou smirks and as Sasuke gets close, Danzou does a downward kick however, Sasuke quickly guards with the initial set up to Leaf Shadow Dance. The upward kick parries Danzou’s kick.)

Sasuke: Heh… Wasn’t expecting that heh…

Danzou: Hmm… So, you've copies some of this before with your eyes… (The Scene switches over to Karin.)

Karin: GO SASUKE! (The Scene switches over to Madara’s location.)

Madara (in thought): I didn’t even foresee that… So, he still has tricks up sleeve… (The scene switches over to the battle. The two are still parried together.)

Danzou: Impressive, but not GOOD ENOUGH! (Immediately Danzou over powers Sasuke kick, which knocks Sasuke’s foot down. Immediately Danzou straight jabs Sasuke in the face with his left hand; Sasuke now bleeds from his nose.)

Sasuke (in thought): I couldn’t read his left hand. It was kept behind the back… (Immediately Danzou goes on the offensive, and hand jabs Sasuke in the stomach with his right hand. Sasuke then notices that Danzou is preparing a round kick from the right leg, so Sasuke guards by protecting his left side by check guarding his left side by positioning his body and blocking with both arms however, Danzou repositions and uses his left leg to kick Sasuke upside the right side of his head with an inside crescent kick.)


(The Scene switches over to Karin.)

Karin: SASUKEEE! (The Scene switches over to the battle. Sasuke is still stunned, so Danzou takes advantage.)

Danzou: Konoha Dai Senpuu! (Using great agility, Danzou executes rapid series of spinning kicks to Sasuke’s upper, mid, and lower body. Sasuke slouches, and then Danzou uses another attack.) Konoha Gourriki Senpuu! (Danzou uses a powerful roundhouse kick which sends Sasuke flying. The Scene switches over to Karin.)

Karin: Sasuke… (She falls to her knees. The scene switches over to Madara.)

Madara:….. (The Scene switches over to the battle. Sasuke’s body is in bad shape. Danzou casually walks to Sasuke. Danzou then does the initial upward kick from the Reverse Lotus, to send Sasuke into the air. Danzou is soaring behind Sasuke. Danzou uses the wood from his right arm to form a prison for Sasuke.

Danzou grabs the wooden prison and falls to the ground with it. Before it hits, Danzou backs away and lets gravity take it course. Dust covers the area. The Scene switches over to Madara.)

Madara: I’ll definitely step in this time… (The Scene switches to the battle. Karin screams at the top of her lungs as the dust clears more, Sasuke is seen inside the initial incomplete form of Susano-o (just the white bones are present). Danzou grunts as he sees this.)

Danzou: All that I poured into him … Yet, he still… (Sasuke looks at Danzou and activates Amaterasu.) So, he’s been trying to save his chakra… Nice tactic… (Danzou burns up. The scene switches over to Madara.)

Madara: Looks like I don’t have to intervene after all. (The Scene switches over to Karin.)

Karin: Sasuke… I knew he wouldn’t die. (Immediately Sasuke collapses and hits the ground as Susano-o cancels. Immediately Danzou appears again in front of the chakra drained Sasuke; it seems it’s not over yet for Danzou. The Scene switches over to Karin.)

Karin: NoOOOOO! So he was hiding another sharingan after all… damn, damn! (Tears flow from her face, the scene switches over to Madara’s location.)

Madara: I always thought there was something up with his right eye socket… I’m coming Sasuke… (The Scene switches over to Karin.)

Karin: WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO SASUKE! (The Scene switches over to Danzou’s location. Sasuke is over Danzou’s shoulder, Madara jumps into the fray and lands in front of Danzou.)

Madara: SO, what do you plan on doing with him?

Danzou: You have with you, two of the best out of my Root organization… It’s only fair that I take Sasuke for compensation...

Madara: If it those two things you want, I’ll give them over. I’m going to be needing Sasuke back, so cough him up…

Danzou: It’s not that simple… You see, without him, you aren’t much of anything…

Madara: Do you seriously think you can simply walk away? I have my own abilities to prohibit this action you intend to undertake…

Danzou: And I have such abilities to make my vision of this world come true.

Madara: Don’t bluff Danzou, I know your power has taken a blow in this battle… Now hand him over, or else… (Madara gets into a striking stance.)

Danzou (in thought): I’ve fallen out of grace with the allied forces as well as Konoha… This kind of bargaining piece is what I need to move up the ranks… I have to seize the opportunity while it’s there…

Madara: Danzou sir, what do you think about joining your two underlings in the next dimension?

Next Time: What will become of Danzou’s shocking action?…


by: State of Naruto

Naruto 480: The Rain

Sasuke: slowly falls face to the ground (Sasuke thats it am im completely out of chakra) has the dust and smoke created from kirin disappears

Karin: pant, pant, hes still alive ?

Danzo: you, didn't kill me 3 times over but you did destory one or my three sharingan's and you completely annihilsted my ** woodland wall no jutsu**

Madara: so that's what his hand sign was again with the *wood elements technique*, i see

Danzo: you are pretty damn strong with your, *mangekyou sharingan* Uchiha brat but you did all this to just out its not enough

Sasuke: shit, damn it all Sasuke (remembers what itachi said) your weak you don't have enough hate and, you know what ? you never will
has the rain starts to fall heavily from the thundercloud ( Sasuke i have failed) has he falls unconscious

Madara: my, my that went well better than i ever throught,

Karin: what are you saying Sasuke lost, and whats more Danzo still alive Karin (Rush's) over to try and assist Sasuke but Danzo Uses a genjutsu by pointing his arm directly at Karin she falls to ground unable to control her muscular system, (Danzo) how annoying .

Madara: will you calm down this is all apart of my plan, now that Sasuke knows hes not strong enough to fulfill has hatred he will only long for more power until all his goal have been achieved than and only will hes soul rest in peace

Danzo: the story of Sasuke Uchiha sounds alot like Madara Uchiha, revenge, revenge, didnt you people know an eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind I thought the Uchiha's would see the important of that because of your sharingan but its just the opposite..

Madara: something revenge is more than an eye an eye, and by the way your plan to control has already been taken by me, with all your abilities its pretty obvious to see what your planing
Danzo:damn it, that's just way i ran back at the summit to try and escape any confrontation and keep my powers concealed now its all in the open

Madara: teleports besides Sasuke's still unconscious body

team Sakura

Lee: what, where did this rain come from .
Kiba: just one minutes ago it was perfectly sunly.
Sakura: this is some kind of ninja a battle is up head
Kiba: anyway Sakura we are going up against i take it you have a plan
Sakura: i dont have a plan
Kiba & Lee what !!!!!!!!!!
Sakura: i have a absolutely 100% technique that will end sasuke's days has a ninja Sakura pulls out a jar
Kiba: grgrgrr whats that the smell is hideous
Sakura: its a disease i created
Lee: whatttt sakura has a disease ??
Sakura: the disease will case the cells in the eye organs to display uncontrolled growth, simply put If the disease enters Sasuke's body he will ever be able to open his eye's again

back to Madara &

Madara: now that I know your intentions I can't allow you to live anymore Madara uses his space time jutsu to put his hand into his head than he pulls out another mask throwing it to the ground
Danzo: what a mask ???

Madara: I call this technique *ghost clone* a ghostly like shape forms out of the mask the Clone crys out a battle cry GGRRGRG !!!!!!!!

Danzo: watching the clone and sees something odd the rain hitting the mask but passing right throw the body Danzo intersting, jutsu indeed

Madara: time to get my little creation going, Ghost clone makes a hand sign (Danzo sees this and quickly jumps back) the clone summons a surprising sight for the ages *Gezo maze*
Karin (almost speechless) wh what the hell is that thing
Danzo: Gezo maze the god of summoning am i right
Madara: thats right
Danzo: why the need for the clone
Madara: thats simple Gezo maze, feeds on life force in my state if i used it i would be dead in minutes, thats i why i made this clone only young and powerful ninja
can summon like Nagato at less they can last for years on in but sooner or later it still kills you

Danzo: hmmm, are you comparing that clone to Nagato, how pathetic that thing is disappearing and losing form already i give it 5 or 10 minutes before its
completely gone
Madara: anyway this little dissertation is over
Gezo Mazo release a dragon from its mouth headed staight for Danzo at high speeds
Danzo: uses a *Earth underground deep sea diver no jutsu* to disppear and escape the Dragon, Danzo reappears hiding behind a rock
Danzo i dont have time for this i need to get fu and torune back than make my escape time for my last technique
Madara: found you, another dargon is release
Danzo: the head, on his arm turns into one gigantic all black six Tome sharingan


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