Avatar Beats Titanic in Overseas Box Office Sales ! James Cameron's 'Avatar' En Route to Becoming Highest Grossing Film of All Time !!

Visit Avatar's official website and you will be welcomed by a quite beaming flash intro. Here's a capture:

Glorious. And in many ways, James Cameron's 'Avatar' is.

In fact, box office enthusiasts agree that Avatar will become the Highest Grossing Film of All Time anytime within this week -- sinking James Cameron's other film - The Oscar Best Picture of 1997, Titanic. Titanic made worldwide sales of $1.843 billion during its whole run more than a decade ago while Avatar has, so far, made $1.8408 billion globally and is far from losing steam as it was just released last month, December 2009.

Meanwhile (that is, while we wait for it to be at the top spot, officially) Avatar has already surpassed Titanic's overseas sales. Avatar took home $1.29 billion from sales outside the US, surpassing Titanic’s record of $1.24 billion. Here are some of the key territories: France with $123.3 million, Germany $95.7 million, United Kingdom with $92.9 million, South Korea $79.5 million, Japan $77.7 million, Australia $77.1 million and Spain with $76 million. Avatar is officially the biggest grossing film of all time in Hong Kong, China, Chile, Spain and Russia.

And since TechPinas is a tech blog, here's a look at the technology that went behind creating Avatar, specifically the latest in Animation and 3D:

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  1. Avatar still hit the theatre and it was now the highest grossip of all time. It was amazing movie that everyone inspired. Visit here Sikat ang Pinoy

  2. Who ever said avatar was the best, the article just said its the biggest grossing film. Besides, best is a subjective term, most people cant agree on anything, let alone artistic tastes. Sure it was overhypde, sure there are better movies, but right now james cameron is king of the world. sorry had to do it.

  3. The movie appeals to all ages rather than a special age group concerning violent action in words said by actors, and also concerning death or injury showing very little blood-stain or blood-spill. The story and characters are like pawns in a chess game: you can make a smart move or a thoughtless one. Military action against the blue giant aliens can be either be seen as a smart move or thoughtless stupidity. The same with Jake's smart or thoughtless move as he jumped on the vehicle to sabotage the remote camera. His anger gave away his concern for the Navi. The quick movements of the dog-like behaviour of the giant Thanator scraping the trees like a lawnmower, makes you imagine if your pet dog would cease it's yelling as it's eyes become glued to the television set as Thanator's huge legs whack off bamboo trees like wickets in a game of cricket.

  4. ^

    That's very insightful.

    Thanks for checking out TechPinas!


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