Spotted! : Kris Aquino with two Blackberry Bold 9000 's ?!! Not one but two Blackberries !!

I'd like to thank Miss Ella G for submitting the photo but I hope the photographer could contact TP so we could give him/her proper credit for the photo. (I'm guessing it's Lopez Link - but I'm not sure).

Anyway, if you remember, a few days ago TP Spotted! Section featured Miss Kris Aquino and her mystery Blackberry. TP inferred that The Philippine Queen of All Media owns a Blackberry Bold 9000 based on the details of the phone that we could see on the photo.

Well now, I'd like to report that it's very likely that Miss Kris owns a Blackberry Bold 9000. Yes.

But the more interesting part is that it appears she doesn't have only one BB Bold. Check this out:

Not one but two Blackberry Bold 9000 's?!!! Wow.

Now, we have a new question to ask: Does she own both phones?

I don't see why not.

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  1. I'm guessing those are Ninoy Cory commemorative phones

  2. you can also check out if those are really blackberry's in


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