Google Adsense : Best Places or Locations on a Website or Blog Page to Put Ads

Jasper B. DM'd TP this question via Twitter earlier as follow-up to his question two days ago:
"TP, where are best places or spots on a blog page to put Google Adsense ads for maximum earnings?"

Hi Jasper! Thanks for the follow-up question. :)

Google Adsense Support suggests that publishers put Adsense ads on locations where reader attention will likely be focused. Adsense publishers call these spots Adsense Heat Zones. Here's the Adsense Heat Zone Map (made by Adsense team based on research):

This "heat map" illustrates the ideal placing on a sample page layout. The colors fade from dark orange (strongest performance) to light yellow (weakest performance). All other things being equal, ads located above the fold tend to perform better than those below the fold. Ads placed near rich content and navigational aids usually do well because users are focused on those areas of a page.

While Adsense Heat Map implementation proves to be effective for most bloggers, I'd personally suggest you dedicate one or two weeks into testing which ad positions (as well ad sizes) perform best for your site. Considering differences in traffic, reader profile, design and content, no two sites are alike and it's always best to choose ad placements that fit your site's profile best.

Here are some other ad placement suggestions that you can find online

1. Wrapping text around Adsense small box ads (learn how to do it HERE) on any location in post.

2. Putting banner ad block before post and after post.

3. Putting big Adsense box in the post, after the first paragraph to the left, text wrapping around it.

There you go.

Good luck on your Adsense program!

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