Apple Magic Mouse - What's So Special About It ? Check out its Cool Features ! Price in Philippines !

The New Apple Magic Mouse was released in the Philippines in November 2009 - along with the updated versions of iMac, White Macbook and Mac Mini.

Check out photos from the Philippine Media launch of these Apple products held at Makati Shangrila HERE..

Apple Magic Mouse effectively replaces Mighty Mouse in Apple's Mac Accessories line-up.

Trivia: Apple was forced to rename the Mighty Mouse due to a quite expected legal issue regarding that name.

But the Magic Mouse offers more than just a moniker shift. It has cool new features that can make any Apple fan think about finally laying off the Mightly Mouse and getting the update. Here are few things that the Magic Mouse can do (some, Mighty Mouse can't):

Seamless Multi-Touch Top Surface

The whole top shell of the Magic Mouse is a Multi-Touch surface. When you don't feel like doing any wrist action, let your fingers do all the work. Scroll in any direction or zoom in and out with one finger, jump from webpage to webpage and swipe through photos with two.

And the Magic Mouse is smart. It won’t confuse a scroll with a swipe and knows when you’re just resting your hand on it.

Powerful Laser-Tracking Engine

Apple Magic Mouse doesn't need a mousepad to work fine. It features a powerful laser tracking -- far more sensitive than the laser of your traditional optical mouse. This incredible technology allows the Magic Mouse to work on practically any surface.

It's Wireless!

Magic Mouse connects to your Mac via Bluetooth wireless technology, so there’s no need for wires or separate adapters. Enjoy a secure and reliable connection up to 33 feet away.

Here's a demo video of the Apple Magic Mouse ( showing multi-touch gestures ) courtesy of

In the Philippines, as in everywhere else in the world - I believe, Apple Magic Mouse comes standard when you purchase the new iMac. You can also buy it separately for only Php 3,490 at authorized Apple retail stores or via The Official Apple Online Store.

Oh, by the way, Apple Magic Mouse requires Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.8 or newer versions of the Apple Operating System.

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