The 2009 TechPinas Year-end Report - A Million PageViews, Increasing Traffic, Articles on Heroism and Pinoy Pride, Top Referring Sites

Happy New Year everyone! :)

TechPinas first hit the web on November 28, 2008. If my math serves me right, the domain is now exactly 1 year 1 month and 8 days old. Quite young a blog really - but I'm happy to report that, its age considered, TP met the somewhat challenging 2009 traffic and influence goals that I set for it more than a year ago.

One of the goals is for TechPinas to hit a million PageViews in 2009. I don't know if that's lofty enough a goal - but 1 million is a figure close to my heart. That's why I was elated when Google Analytics, despite its more conservative readings vs. other site meters, reported in December 2009 that the goal has been met. I'd like to thank everyone who's ever visited this site for making it happen :

Increasing traffic trend is another goal - And StatCounter, with its daily readings from July to December 2009, tells me that it's likewise been met:

What can I say but Thank You! Thank you for checking out TechPinas. :)

TP Info: TechPinas is currently on the 2,800++ daily unique pageviews level.

Adsense-wise, TP was able to give me 2 paychecks from Google this year. And a 3rd Google check is already set for January 2010. Not bad, I think. :) My goal for 2010 is to make the Google paycheck a monthly thing.

In 2009, TechPinas released some articles that - I'd like to think - are meaningful, socially-responsible and thought-provoking enough and were - thankfully - quoted by some institutions online that I utterly admire. One of the these articles is TechPinas' feature on the Heroes of Philippine FM Radio during the height of the deluge brought by Typhoon Ondoy, which was quoted by Mr. Manuel L Quezon III and via Mr. Mong Palatino.

In the midst of uncertainty and suffering brought about by Ondoy and the lack of electricity in most parts of Mega Manila, DJ Gang, DJ Lambert and DJ Steph selflessly gave their time and effort into making sure that cellphone owners - especially those stuck in disaster stricken areas, whose only access to news was their dying cellphones' FM radio app - were kept updated on the status of relief operations and were somehow kept alive by Jam 88.3's display of resilient and pro-active hope. They practically turned the usually indifferent FM radio scene into a venue for disaster relief info dissemination and volunteer coordination.


God Bless The Philippines. We can make it through this.

and we have. Thank You, Lord!

Asia CNET via Mr. Ignatius Javellana, Head of Advergaming for Level Up! Games Inc., likewise quoted TechPinas' feature on Prepaid Load Expiry Extension by the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC). Thank you, sir! It was definitely a victory for the consumers vs. the telcos. :)

In September 2009, The Philippine Blog Awards included TechPinas: The Philippine Technology Blog in its list of finalists for the Technology Category. Although TP didn't bring home the trophy, the fact that it was included in the list of such amazing finalist blogs - despite its very young age - is already a true honor. I'd like to thank everyone who sent TechPinas such heartening support messages and meaningful praises before and after the awards night. I'd also like to thank PBA for the recognition.

Meanwhile, TP's articles on Tay Gipo, the Filipino Farmer honored in Norway, and on how the Filipino Twitter Community Unites for President Cory Aquino got the most Retweets on Twitter in 2009. Quoting the Tay Gipo blogpost:

“I am embarrassed to talk in front of many people, especially in front of important people, like all of you. Para sa isang pobre at simpleng magsasaka tulad ko, parang imposible at mahirap na humarap sa inyo dahil napakalayo ng lugar na ito mula sa Pilipinas. Akala ko hindi ako makakapunta dito dahil wala akong birth certificate. (For a poor and simple farmer like myself, it felt impossible to be here to address you all: this place is very far from the Philippines. I thought I could not make it here because I do not have a birth certificate),”

This is how Eulogio ‘Tay Gipo’ Sasi Jr., a 64 year old Pinoy farmer from North Cotabato, commenced his speech at the opening of the Svalvard Global Seed Vault in Norway a year ago. The audience? 150 scientists, diplomats and world leaders, which include 2004 Nobel Peace Prize Awardee Wangari Maathal of Kenya and UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Secretary General Jacques Diouf.

I hope you can check that story out. It's probably the TP post closest to my heart.

For those who are interested, here are the most-read TechPinas topics in 2009:

1. Samsung Corby (family)
2. Samsung Jet
3. Nokia N97
4. Globe Tattoo
5. Smart Bro
6. Sun Wireless Broadband
7. EyeToy
8. iPhone 3GS
9. Intel Atom
10. Prepaid Load Expiry Extension

Most traffic came from Google organic results but the top TP referring sites include Twitter, Facebook, PinoyExchange and Digg.

Again, I'd like to thank all TP readers for a great Techpinas 2009! :) I humbly offer every success of this blog to God, for His immense goodness, and to all of you, for your support.

May 2010 be a greater, more meaningful year for all of us! God bless!

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