Nokia C6 Philippines - Price: Php 15,100, Out Now!

Great news for those who've been texting, emailing, DM'ing, PExing, YMing and tweeting TP on the availability of Nokia C6 in the Philippines!


Svelte Nokia C6 slider is now officially out in the Philippines via Nokia Stores and partner retailers nationwide! It sports a suggested retail price of Php 15,100 and comes in either Black or White.

I tried using this phone at the Nokia Connection 2010 showcase last June and I think it's an amazing handset. The construction is top notch and the touchscreen is a joy to work on (it's resistive but very responsive). I suggest you give it a test run at a Nokia Store near you. You never know, you might end up taking one home.

Learn more about Nokia C6 via the link.

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  1. is the touchscreen really capacitive?

  2. I thought the C6 has a resistive touch screen it said so in some reviews i read.i better check it out personally, if its capacitive then its better for us hehe. thanks! more power TP!!!

  3. Hi tech pinas,

    could you double check it. becoz all of the reviews and blogs says the c6 is a resistive nHD screen. If its really a capacitive screen then why does some C6 has a stylus with it if the screen will not just recognize a pressure to activate a function. Becoz a capacitive screen only recognize finger tips when you press them unlike a resistive that can recognize just a pressure on it.

    im not commenting just to mess with your credibilty but for the ones who are a regular viewer of your blogs who might get confused.

    Hope you'll clear this for everyone.

    Thanks and more power to your blog site.

    And one more question: DO you think the white C6 looks ok for a guy to use>? Becoz im sure that the black C6 will be most sold color than white and I'm wondering to buy a white one. And in your opinion which looks better the white or the black coz your the one who check it personally and i want your opinion. tnx.

  4. ^

    Thank you so much for the comment.

    I'm sorry. I stand corrected. Please note that Nokia C6 dons a high-sensitivity resistive touchscreen.

    And as for White C6, I think it looks manly enough. I prefer the black one, actually, as it looks more corporate. But white has this sporty look that I find equally attractive.


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