Google Chrome: Philippines Leads World in Interest in Google Chrome

Launched in 2008, Google Chrome is the third most widely used internet browser, with 7.24% of worldwide usage share as of June 2010.

Based on Google Insights for Search data gathered from January to July 2010, the Philippines is currently leading the world in interest in keyword "Google Chrome", which translates to interest in Google's browser itself.

Proof? Here's Insight's regional interest graph for interest in "Google Chrome" for period covering January to July 2010:

1. Philippines 100
2. Tunisia 96
3. Sri Lanka 68
4. Pakistan 55
5. Senegal 55
6. India 53
7. Jamaica 53
8. Indonesia 49
9. Bangladesh 49
10. Malaysia 48

Interestingly, in recent years, internet users from developing countries have been more active in searching for information related to Google Chrome browser (or any interner browser, for that matter -- including Firefox and Internet Explorer) than users from first world nations. Data from 2009 supports this. Here's the regional interest list for "Google Chrome" that year:

1. India 100
2. Sri Lanka 98
3. Philippines 94
4. Tunisia 93
5. Pakistan 90
6. Bangladesh 82
7. Nigeria 73
8. Lebanon 69
9. Jamaica 66
10. Malaysia 64

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  1. i am not a google chrome user for 2 reasons
    1) in laptop, chrome does not support three finger down swipe which takes user to end of a page. but, for firefox, they have that feature
    2) they say chrome is much faster than firefox. however, there are many tutorials found in net that demonstrate how to speed up firefox..

    but i guess more people are satisfied with chrome. :D

  2. Maybe because developing countries tend to search for a better opportunity for their daily lives. Google Chrome has been their tool into getting ideas for everything. But personally I am more into Firefox than Google Chrome.

  3. Reasons why I prefer Chrome over firefox:
    1. Features = It has most if not all of the features of Firefox
    2. Speed = it's faster than Firefox
    3. Stability = it doesn't crash as often as Firefox

    It's basically Firefox++. Although I noticed that the speed difference is not felt very much if you're under a LAN with proxy, more so with additional web filter software.


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