Nokia MeeGo Phone User Interface Treatment Revealed

So you've seen MeeGo OS running on a tablet.

Want to see its treatment on a phone?

This video, supposedly captured from an online consumer survey site, shows a possible implementation of the Intel-Nokia-Partnership OS on a smartphone. The clip has 5 parts; The Start-up, Multi-Tasking Demo, Getting Connected, Ovi Store Experience and Music Player. Of course, the Ovi Store portion is a giveaway that this is an execution on a Nokia device. (FYI: Based on this leaked Nokia 2010 Phone Line-up catalogue, Nokia N9 will most likely be the first phone to have MeeGo as its operating system)

Doesn't that look promising?! That's an OS worthy of use by the world's leading phone manufacturer.

Can't wait for Nokia N9 to arrive!

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