Torque Trinity TQ800 Triple SIM - In the Flesh! Photos, Initial Impressions

Look at what Torque Philippines (Topstrasse Global) sent TechPinas yesterday:

Yup, the world's first triple SIM (GSM x 3) triple Standby handset*, Torque Trinity TQ800 (learn more about the phone via the link, *tag via TQ800 official press release) --

TP Initial Impressions:

The phone's form factor is reminiscent of that of Blackberry Bold 9000 -- complete with its trademark trackball. Yet, despite having almost similar bulk as RIM's 2008 flagship release, Trinity weighs almost less than half as much. Not that I workout a lot, but when I hold the Torque phone, I feel like its innards are hardly 'packed'.

As expected, the trackball requires a bit of getting used to. Honestly, I'm not really a fan of it (as I'm terribly spoiled working on touchphones). But that's just me. I think some will prefer this over the four-way navigation knob; While those who like its retro-look will choose it over trackpad.

TQ800 delivers wonderfully as a triple standby phone. So far, I haven't experienced any problems with the phone as regards that feature.

OK. That's it for now.

I'll try to post the unboxing photos set as well as Torque Trinity TP Quick Review this weekend.

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  1. may free battery ba ya? ano pa kasama ng phone? usb? charger?

  2. how is the wifi function of this unit? what browser does it use? bottom line: what is the product's value for money rating?

  3. Nasan na yun supposed comprehensive review nito?

  4. where can i find one

  5. is there a driver for this kind of CP??? coz I really need it badly...


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