Samsung Philippines: Main Office Address, Telephone Number, Contact Details

Elaine Ruiz from Quezon City sent us this inquiry via Facebook yesterday,
"TechPinas, would you know the telephone number and main office address of Samsung Philippines? I've been trying to [ring them via the phone numbers they have on their website to no avail. I want to get in touch with the company because I'm] interested to apply for any job vacancy in their marketing department. Thanks."

Hi Elaine,

The main office of Samsung Electronics Phils. Corporation is located at 7/F Hanjinphil Bldg. 1128 University Parkway, North Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation's trunkline is +632-2147777.

Goodluck on your job hunt!

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  1. I just like to ask the management of SAmsung regarding my replacement unit, i am ritche undag from ozamiz city, with cel no. 09168375957., of what is the real status or update regarding my unit., it was a replacement since the company has no available parts., so the process was I added an amount for a total of P 5,000.00 more or less., your company promised me that the said unit will be deliver not more than two weeks., the problem here is until now., it takes almost 2 months since I deposited the amount, no delivery has been done., I just like to ask the good management of samsung if there was really a true replacement of item in your company or it is a modus operandi., the number given to me was 1800-87267864. coz everytime I made a follow up regarding my unit, there were always a promises., but nothing had happened., so I would like to ask the management to help me regarding this matter., it is just a little amount but if this will happen to each of your client., its already a modus., that's why I made this letter to your company and I hope favorable action will be made before I will report this to proper authorities., thank you and more power!!!

  2. I'e been trying to contact samsung for 3 days already. I am pissed off because all the numbers that was on the waranty card and in their website is not working! When you try to email them it is so complicated! You have to answer many questions regarding your unit, name blahblahblahblah! They can just put the message their and not to answer so many things. Gss.! so complicated. Their is no proper landline number where I could call. Even an online customer service. My gosh. What kind of service is that. PLEASE UPDATE YOUR CONTACT NUMBER. Its causing trouble for some customers!

  3. im sherwin uy, gosh my samsung tv series 5 got a dead pixel, i have already reported to the office since januaru until now they have not esponded to the problem. what kind of marketting and after sales do they have just a simple approval they cannot do it. dti pls help me or even the media for people to know th quality ofservice they have. y contact no 0905 240 1468

  4. hi i bought a samsung camera last march 18,2011, but after 5 days the camera wont turn on..i went to the shop where i bought it, 8 days after i purchased it,the shop told me that if we only return it before or on the seventh day upon purchased they will replace it but since its already 8 days that we brought this to their attention they can no longer replace it.i do understand their policy but they didnt even inform us when we purchased it that they can replace it before or on the seventh day.we could have brought the camera now we have to wait two months for them to repair it.We only used the camera for 5 days but we have to wait 2 months to be able to use it again..please help..

  5. i bought samsung dous champ just last sunday april 9, 2011when i got home and exploring my new phone, i was just on my music when my phone suddenly shut off i thought its because the battery is low (but there was still 2 bars) but when i tried to connect my charger there's no reaction at all there's was no light and notification at all that i'm doing the charging..i removed the battery and put back again until it was charged but no notification that my unit is fully charged. At first because of maybe excitement and trust to the unit brand in short i ignored it. But in the evening of monday when i was about to enjoy the games my unit suddenly shut offffff!. My unit was fully charged until this morning the unit doesnt want to open whahhahaw!!.go to hell samsung!!!beware customers!

    i will post more what will happen....

  6. I just wanna ask how to open the ineternet connection for me to be able to visit the social sites and browse the net on my samsung punch c322 mobile phone. Hope yo will help me regarding this matter.
    Mrs. Sharon C. Decena

  7. I have a Samsung Q430 laptop with a broken monitor. where would be the nearest Samsung service center in Cavite or Manila?Please provide me with detailed Information.

  8. Who besides SM sells your products in CDO? I wasted 5 hrs tonight with SM and they will not take my credit card because their online system is down for the next month. Emcore will not deliver to CDO even though their website said they do

  9. unfortunately guys my unit i bought is still in my choice only the battery was replaced not the unit. samsung service centers are all gross.


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